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GLOBAL GLOW is a US -based non-profit organization that creates and operates innovative programs to mentor girls to advocate for themselves and make their communities stronger. With operations in over 30 countries and across the United States, GLOBAL GLOW partners with HAFAI to accelerate girls’ progress in Nigeria. 

In partnership with Global GLOW, Health Aid For All Initiative (HAFAI) implements the GLOW Club program, a signature mentorship program designed to ignite the power of girls. Through a 10-month curriculum of hands-on activities that build Social and Emotional Learning skills, girls in vulnerable communities develop their confidence and practice using their voice as they build lasting relationships with peers and learn to advocate for themselves and others. This innovative program also focuses on fostering empowerment, skill development, community engagement, mentorship, and self-esteem building among young girls in Nigeria.


  1. Empowerment Through Dialogue: Providing a platform for open discussions, promoting understanding and solidarity among members.
  2. Skill Development: Building essential life skills, including leadership, communication, and problem-solving.
  3. Community Engagement: Encouraging positive community interaction through outreach activities, and promoting social responsibility.
  4. Mentorship and Guidance: Pairing members with experienced mentors for guidance, support, and encouragement.
  5. Building Self-Esteem and Leadership: Fostering confidence, self-appreciation, and leadership skills among members.

Our Impact

We target vulnerable girls in school and out of school, including girls in Internally Displaced Persons camps (IDPs). We also echo inclusivity and diversity, hence girls in the School of the Blind are part of our beneficiaries. Our motive is to build soft skills in girls, amplify their voices, build their leadership skills, and enhance their agency. 

So far, we have positively impacted seven states: FCT, Borno, Ondo, Imo, Benue, Ondo and Abia. In the past, we have reached out directly to over 1,145 girls who have benefited from the project. Currently, there are altogether 31 Glow Clubs with 20 girls in each cohort. 

The curriculum of the club program centers around topics such as Self Advocacy, Decision Making, Community Engagement, and the Power of Girls. Hence, the girls are empowered and equipped with the right skills and knowledge which is necessary to become positive change-makers in their communities and the world at large. 

GLOW Club empowers girls to become strong voices and inspiring leaders

Will you join us in creating a better world?

The Project 

In Nigeria, research shows that 30% of girls and women are often the most affected by nearly every major crisis, they are less likely to complete their education and more vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse. Hence, Glow Clubs are designed to equip girls with the tools to use their voices and recognize their strengths. 

Our clubs are instituted in schools, communities, and IDPs. Girls who meet the selection criteria are chosen for a 1-hour 30-minute club activity in safe spaces to enable girls to lend their voices on issues affecting them and their communities. Oftentimes they are connected to adult role models who help to inspire and motivate the girls to dream big and work hard to achieve their full potential. 

HAFAI stands strong on the notion that we can empower girls in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa to become more confident, resilient, and innovative members of their communities, ultimately building a brighter future for themselves and those around them.


This project is a girl-led, girl-driven program with support from trained and trusted mentors – someone experienced who the girls can work with, confide in, and process issues together. This strategy has proven to be a huge beneficial support system, encouraging educational engagement and building social and emotional learning skills.  

These mentors are selected from the girls’ local communities thus they understand sociocultural dynamics and have strong ties to the community. They dedicate their time to making a difference in girls’ lives. Their intimate knowledge of community-wide issues allows them to adapt our curriculum to the local cultural context, preparing club members to overcome the specific societal barriers they face each day.

Our curriculum builds the skills and knowledge of adolescent girls through modules that teach self-expression, decision-making, sexual and reproductive health, entrepreneurship, and more. By developing these competencies in a safe and supportive small-group setting, club members learn to use their voices to advocate for themselves and the issues they care about, ultimately allowing them to live a life of their own design.

Examples of core modules and topics of discussion for GLOW Club programs include:

  • Self-advocacy, Self-Awareness & Self-Management
  • Social Awareness & Empathizing with others
  • Responsible Decision-Making
  • The Power of Girls
  • The importance of storytelling & telling my own story
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health

Our Work

HAFAI currently champions the Glow Club project in three states in Nigeria; Abia, FCT, and Imo. 

Abia State

In Abia State, Mentor Felicity and Mentor Ada facilitate the seven (7)  Glow Clubs in the district including the girl club in the School of the Blind. Altogether, there are six (6) community school clubs and one special needs school. 

The curriculum is translated into braille to suit the physical needs of the girls in the school. Their principal testified in total joy that it was the first time a leadership-skilled program such as this has been introduced in their school.

FCT, Abuja 

Abuja has the highest number of Glow Clubs with eight (8) in the schools, three (3) in IDPs, and six (6) in local communities, which totals 17. Here, we hold sessions in safe spaces where the girls can freely interact and learn with the support of our well-trained mentors. The transformation seen in the girls we serve has been remarkable.

For example, many girls in the IDP camps, who were deeply affected by the Boko Haram insurgency, joined the program feeling hopeless and traumatized, with little motivation to advance or pursue any of their goals. Their mental health had also suffered significantly. However, participating in the Glow Club has helped them regain their confidence, self-esteem, and dignity. The mentors also provide a supportive environment, offering a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, and assistance with both physical and mental needs.

Imo State

According to a study conducted by UNICEF, Imo State has the highest prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Nigeria, with a staggering 61.7% of girls affected. This alarming statistic reveals the widespread impact of this harmful traditional practice. 

Through our Glow Club activities, which is present in seven (7) community schools within the state, girls have been empowered to stand up for themselves and advocate for the eradication of FGM. Through the club activities, the girls have also gained invaluable skills, including public speaking, leadership, and community mobilization. These skills not only help them in their fight against FGM but also equip them to advocate for various other social issues affecting their lives and communities. 

Girl Leadership & Mentorship - HAFAI
Girl Leadership & Mentorship - HAFAI
Girl Leadership & Mentorship - HAFAI
Girl Leadership & Mentorship - HAFAI